Dedicated Home Cinemas



If you’re considering creating a media room or dedicating a room in your home to a home cinema then Fidelity Systems has decades of experience to ensure your end result is mind blowing. Whether you’re looking at a projector and screen style of system or a more discreet media room, we can provide you with something of great impact that is easy to use for movies, sport, gaming and makes a great family space.

It can be as serious as recreating a commercial cinema in your home complete with cinema seating, acoustic treatment and automated lighting, curtains etc. that allows your whole cinema to be controlled from a phone or tablet. Or perhaps you are after a stylish open plan room with similar outcomes but with more hidden components and speakers. We are flexible and will work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Utilising cutting edge technology in design, hardware and easy to use control systems via an all-in-one remote, smart phone or tablet, Fidelity Systems is your ideal partner.

Our partnership with Krix Loudspeakers from South Australia stretches back 25 years. Krix’s credentials of being used in over 3,000 commercial cinemas worldwide and over half of all commercial cinemas in Australia allows them to apply the same expertise to develop a loudspeaker range specifically tailed to your dedicated home cinema.


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