Wi-fi, Computers + Internet

Wi-fi, Computers + Internet

Fast, reliable and stable wi-fi is critical for the way we live life, work and play today.
Fidelity Systems offers you these services Sydney-wide to ensure that the wi-fi and computers in your home work with you and not against you.


Internet connection help including NBN:

  • New modems from telcos installed – have you been sent a new modem and don’t know what to do with it? Or have you had a telco in your home and need some assistance after they’ve been?
  • Get ready for the NBN or if you’re lucky enough to already have it, make sure it is fully utilised
Wi-fi boost & extension

Does your wi-fi work throughout your entire house?

  • We fix and boost wi-fi in your property
  • Wi-Fi extension to additional rooms
  • Smart cabling for most technology in your home whether you’re building/renovating or not
  • Cabling for current requirements + future needs
  • Computer networking both wired + wireless
  • Audio and video streaming – get it working the way it should be in your home
New Apple Mac computers, sold, installed, set up and configured
  • Fidelity Systems can supply you with new and custom-built Apple computers and we can also completely set it up and configure it in your home with your existing equipment such as printers, portable devices. We also provide expert advice on specific products you should be purchasing which can then flow into detailed one-on-on expert tuition to ensure everything is working the way it needs to be. This one-stop approach is highly valued by our clients.
In-home Apple set-ups & tuition

Need some help with all your Apple products?

  • In home set-ups of all your Apple/Computer gear
  • New computers configured
  • Set-up email, photos, music, video – all your files
  • Help managing Apple ID’s etc
  • Electronic family calendars – shared across all your devices
  • Back-ups , cloud set-up, easy off site back-ups
  • Managing photos on all your devices
  • Help with internet connections for all your devices
  • Wireless printing from all your devices
  • Family internet safety/restrictions/content filtering/timed access etc
  • Remote access to home computers/files/cloud files
  • One-on-one expert tuition
Home technology concierge

So many of today’s technology questions cannot be solved by speaking to someone in a shop. We are finding a growing number of clients are overwhelmed by technology in their home and due to this, our consultancy business is growing. We can provide both over the phone and in-home consultations to assist in finding the best solutions for your home and your lifestyle.

  • Perfect for busy households + those who find technology confusing or confronting
  • We will wait at your home for Pay TV + telco technicians, advise on work to be performed + check once done
  • Advice covering all technology in your home including which plan or package should I choose
  • We can be there while you’re discussing Pay TV + telco plans

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