Building Or Renovating

Building Or Renovating

If you’re about to embark on a new build or home renovation, you need Fidelity Systems.

Technology in some form is an essential consideration when building or renovating any type of home. Over the past 20 years we have seen so many basic technology requirements be overlooked during building and renovating. Clients will choose their builder, plumber, electrician but often don’t consider who will provide everything electronic in a home – design, sales and installation.

Maybe you’d like us for an hour onsite to advise on what cabling to run or provide for services, or all the way through to design, install and commission a large integrated system, or anything and everything in between.

Your first port of call is to contact us just to have a chat. And when? – as early as possible at the planning stage.

Whether it be our core business of audio, hi-fi, home cinema, multi-room audio or just ensuring that your iPad can function via wi-fi while you’re in bed, Fidelity Systems are your perfect partner. Yes we do complex systems including lighting control, home automation etc. but we also do simpler one-room systems.


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