Architects, Designers, Builders, Electricians + Trades

Architects, Designers, Builders, Electricians + Trades

Home technology is no longer a luxury but an essential part of people’s daily lives.

Fidelity Systems is your perfect partner when you are looking to incorporate latest home technologies into your client’s project that meets their budget. We don’t take away from what you are doing but add value and on-going support to your client – as little or much as you require.

I’m An Electrician Or Builder

Are your clients asking for home automation or lighting control and you’re looking for someone to deliver the more complicated parts of the system? We are your perfect partner. We can also assist you with designing, supplying and installing multi-room audio, TV screens, wi-fi, home cinema.

We are infinitely flexible in what we can offer you. You can use us as a consultant, to provide advice onsite, to mark-up plans, to specify cabling, through to providing installation and hand-over. Our goal is for you to do what you do well and we will do what we do well – and together we will provide your client the system they desire.


I’m An Architect Or Designer

Whether you’re designing, building or installing we can offer you services such as design advice relating to joinery, your client’s technology requirements, advice onsite for trades, providing documentation for tenders, cabling specifications and plan mark-ups – all with or without the supply of product or installation.

We will work with you across all areas of the project from initial design, specifying product solutions including concealed and integrated systems, installing, system commissioning and on-going support to current and future owners of the home. We offer a dedicated project manager to manage, liaise, attend site meetings and work hand-in-hand with you across the entirety of the job.

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